Book Publications

In Usha Jaganath Law Series, our primary focus is authoring and publishing law books in simple and understandable language so that law reaches everyone. Our aim is to ease the difficulty in understanding the complicated and tough legal language. We have a series of publications on many law subjects. Books are also published in Tamil language to help students and others who are comfortable in Tamil language.

Online Video Classes

As a new step into the digital world, Usha Jaganath Law Series has now introduced online video classes to enhance your knowledge of Law subjects. We have experienced team of tutors and lecturers to handle the classes. Our ultimate aim is to take us close to the students and bring them closer to us!

Students can connect to the classes from anywhere using their computers or phones. Video classes will be more of an interactive session and students can get their doubts clarified on the spot. In case, the student missed to attend the class on the scheduled date and time, he/she can access the recorded session. Classes will be held subject wise concentrating on the most important questions for the forthcoming exams. A student can also attend ‘one on one’ classes in case they need more clarity on any particular subject.

Apart from the exam-oriented classes, students can also participate in a general discussion on any subjects or topics. Understanding makes your learning process easier.

“better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a good teacher" - says a Japanese proverb!

Legal Services

Usha Jaganath Law Series has a specialized team of lawyers for handling cases in the following areas: - Civil-Criminal - Banking - Matrimonial - Insurance, Accident and marine and road recovery - Writs

Family Dispute Counseling

Marriage means union and family building & bonding …but unfortunately, it may crumble due to misunderstandings or miscommunications and legal issues. The family members cannot effectively counsel the couple due to their emotional involvement in the issue. Third party intervention in the form of effective professional counseling is essential to set right the situation. UJLS offers both professional- legal and psychological counseling for marital disputes.


Arbitration is now legally recognized as one of the methods of alternative dispute resolution systems. Instead of approaching the Court, which involves more time and expenses, one can approach UJLS to conduct arbitration proceedings and the award passed is now recognised as equivalent to decree passed in the Court. Usha Jaganath Law Series offers its services in conducting Arbitration proceedings.

Drafting of Deeds

Usha Jaganath Law Series has a team of legal professionals to draft conveyance deeds – like Sale, Mortgage, Will, Power of Attorney, Adoption, Gift, Tenancy, etc.

Personal Coaching Class

UJLS law academy, with a team of experienced lecturers, conducts examination oriented law personal coaching classes, with specially prepared study materials in simple language, for all the subjects of all the semesters at Madurai.

Legal Opinion Via Email or Phone

For legal problems in matrimonial, property, civil, criminal, service matters, bank and insurance cases, legal opinion is offered via e-mail or phone.

Last Minute Preparation Study Materials Before Examinations

Students appearing for their examination can buy this study material for their last-minute preparation. These study materials are specially prepared for every examination and different in contents every year. The specialty of the material: