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At Usha Jaganath Law Series, our primary focus is authoring and publishing law books in simple and understandable language so that law reaches everyone.


Online video classes to enhance your knowledge of Law subjects. We have experienced team of tutors and lecturers to handle the classes. Our ultimate aim is to take us close to the students & bring them closer to us!


Usha Jaganath Law Series has a specialized team of lawyers for handling cases in the following areas: - Civil-Criminal - Banking - Matrimonial - Insurance, Accident and marine and road recovery - Writs.


We, UJLS team introduce our self as one of the leading law book publishers in India. We have been ‘Authors and Law Book Publishing Pioneers’ since 1980. ‘Usha Jaganath Law Series’ has been acknowledged as the most student-friendly series among the Law Book Publishers by the ‘Law Students Community’. In UJLS publications, even the most complex Legal sentences, Maxims etc., in the Bare Acts, Court Judgments have been presented in an easy, understandable and simple language.

UJLS currently published subjects in English as well as in Tamil. Considering from Central Acts to State Acts, we are passionate about providing the best textbooks to students, and law professionals. In the last few years, UJLS has remarkably improved in standards, significantly enhanced the contents and quality of books, increased enormously in marketing and sales of books, study materials etc., and continues to emphasize on simplifying the increasingly complex State and Central Acts. Next venture of UJLS is publishing our series in various languages like Hindi, Kanada etc.

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